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Photography Tip Of the Day.

by Peggy Butler on 06/09/18


by Peggy Butler on 05/30/18

Great Little Chart to help out in a hurry.

Why Photography 2

by Peggy Butler on 04/03/18

 The opposite attribute of photograph is where it is used to manipulate or interpret reality, so that pictures push some 'angle', belief or attitude of your own. You set up situations (as in advertising) or choose to photograph some aspect of an event but not others (as in politically biased news reporting). Photography is a powerful medium of persuasion and propaganda. It has that ring of truth when all the time it can make any statement the photographer chooses. consider the family album for a moment: what pictures are represented here -all of family life or jsut the good moments?

Why Photography?

by Peggy Butler on 04/03/18

Perhaps you are drawn into photography mainly because it appears to be a quick, convenient and seemingly truthful way of recording something.  All the importance lies in the subject itself, and you want to show objectively what it is, or what is going on (a child's first steps or a scratch on a car for insurance purposes). In this instance photography is thought of as evidence, identification, a kind of diagram of a happening. The camera is your visual notebook.


by Peggy Butler on 04/03/18

Our blog is for photography tips, and education.  Sharing fun ideas. and photos     and general photography talk. ALWAYS KEEP IT CLEAN!!  This is a SAFE PLACE FOR GOOD TALK. Anyone using profanity or any vulgar discussion, shaming or disrespect will be deleted and banded from posting.   I want this to be a place for good constructive critics, which always helps in a photographers journey.